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Anonymous asked,
Can you consider making characters with Big Time Rush face claims?

I actually two of the four Big Time Rush boys on my list of coming face claims. They should be out fairly soon!

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Lux Lumanati || 22|| Trapeze Washington|| Three years|| FC: Kaya Scodelario


Lux was the unwanted child, the child that was never meant to be born. Born to a mother that couldn’t give a shit and a father who ran as soon as the pink cross showed up on the pregnancy test. Lux was born in a small town and by the age of ten she was known as “Lux the psychopath” the girl didn’t grow up with friends. She scared people away with her short temper and violent tendencies. This only got worse as she got older; she was able to pack more of a punch with age. Though you couldn’t blame the girl, she’d come to school with bruises all over her body from her mother. It didn’t take long for Child Services to find out though and soon she was shipped off to live with her Grandmother in Alabama. The few months that Lux lived with her grandmother where the best few of her life, though when she turned thirteen her grandmother died forcing her into foster homes. Foster homes weren’t particularly great for Lux. She was violent and acted out against the kids she lived with when they teased her about not having a family. One night she lost it and ran away, getting into a fight in the middle of the main street of town with someone who had looked at her the wrong way. The police caught her and soon enough she was in Juvenile prison. As soon as she walked out of the prision gates, she had nowhere to go. She ran into a man with long hair, who promised her somewhere she’d be safe.


Lux threw herself into the act of trapeze Washington, it had always fascinated her. She didn’t bother with making friends and she kept to herself, not wanting to get close to anyone. They’d get curious and her story wasn’t exactly a pleasant one. Though eventually she met Alex and annoyed him until he gave in, they got along and they told each other everything. Though Lux could tell he was leaving things out of his story. 

Lux is TAKEN

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Taylor Johnson|| 23|| Burlesque dancer|| Three Months|| FC: Amber Heard


Taylor had fallen on hard times, her rent was late against, her school fees were kicking her butt and her drug addicted boyfriend beat her whenever she tried to kick him out of the apartment The girl couldn’t find a job anywhere, who would accept a girl with hardly any qualifications and had a boyfriend that would enter her workplace drugged up and screaming when she wasn’t on time to cook dinner? She was wandering the streets one night, after being kicked out of the care by a guy who had just paid her for his pleasure. Her eyes were puffy and her tears were continuously rolling out of them. A man with long hair approached her, promising her everything she needed if she followed him and of course Taylor freaked out. But she’d be an idiot not to at least see what he was promising so she followed him.


Taylor settled into the art of burlesque dancing, automatically taken under the wing of Morrissey Floyd. The older girl taught Taylor everything she needed to know she loved it; the art form was fun and not shameful like the things she’d had to result to like her last job. The guys made her feel beautiful and not just trashy. One guy in particular makes her smile wider, Theodore Shipman, the guy shows up to every show though Taylor doubts he’d like her so she’s keeping her distance, even if she does feel a little bit for him.

Taylor is OPEN

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Theodore Shipman|| 23|| Ticket Sales|| Three years|| FC: Alex Pettyfer


“Theodore the drug dealer” as most people knew him at seventeen. If you asked the boy now he’d say he had a rather ‘colorful’ past. His dad abandoned him and his mother was nowhere to be found either. He was smoking green by fifteen and by seventeen her needed a job but no one would hire the town stoner. So, he took it upon himself and started dealing, there were more people in his small town that needed weed, pills and powder that you’d think. Though when he was nineteen he got caught and was sentenced to a year for possession, handling and dealing of drugs.

When he was in jail, he befriended a troubled girl names Lux though he hasn’t seen her since she got out. When he was discharged from prison at the age of twenty, a man was waiting for him with the promise of a home.


Theodore wasn’t good at much, be he needed this place so he took up selling tickets. It was better than nothing. H keeps seeing this girls face and he knows he recognizes it but he can’t pin point it. Sometimes he thinks its Lux but he knows he’s kidding himself, she’s long gone. He spends the time between sales watching the burlesque shows his good friend and occasional hookup Morrissey preforms in but recently a new girl has caught his eyes and something about her keeps Theodore entranced.

Theodore is OPEN

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Derek Jones|| 18|| Maintenance|| Eight months|| FC: Michael Trevino


Derek came from a textbook perfect family, his mother was the epitome of a housewife and his father was the mayor of their town. Though there was always a dark cloud hanging over the Jones family, when Derek was only little his mother gave birth to a still born and that same year his older brother disappeared. But as far as the town knows his brothers died. The town threw a memorial to honor the pour lost souls of the Jones family and all Derek can remember is hating it. He hates everything about his life. The perfect outer shell, the inside that’s screaming for help. He was wandering the streets one night, contemplating killing himself when he ran into a long haired man with a painted face who promised to take the pain away.


It took Derek a while to comprehend what was going n but he loved the cirque, he wasn’t under any pressure to be perfect and if he wanted to break down, he could. He hadn’t made any friends but he was close to another maintenance girl named Riley, and a clown named Finn. The three of them were inseparable and he has this feeling for Riley, though he knows it’s not reciprocated he can’t help but hand onto it though.

Derek is OPEN

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Morrissey Floyd|| 25|| Burlesque dancer|| Three Years|| FC: Scarlett Johansson


Morrissey was the product of a drug addict and a psychopath. It’s pretty much a miracle she’s alive. Her mother was on drugs the whole time she was pregnant and her father was constantly beating her mother. Everyone though Morrissey was going to be a still born, so when she out there were all prepared to take her to the morgue when she gave a little cry and her tiny heart started beating. She’d been a fighter since the start. But alive or not, her mother and her father didn’t care. They didn’t even see her, they didn’t sign the birth certificate and they didn’t name her. For three days, everyone referred to her as ‘princess’ hoping that would speed along her recovery. One of the nurses adopted her, though she was stuck for names her husband names her Morrissey and when it was just a coincidence their last name was Floyd. A girl with the same name of two musicians was destined to have something bad happen to her. She grew up perfectly fine but when she was sixteen, her adoptive mother died and her adoptive father was murdered a year later. The case is still unsolved. When Morrissey got to twenty, she’d already been mixed up with a bad crowd though she always managed to hold her head high. Though she didn’t have a place to live or someone she could rely on, a long haired man showed up and promised her somewhere where she’d belong.


Morrissey had always been a girl with a killer body, what people had said her mother would have looked like if she hadn’t fallen victim to addiction. So when she joined the cirque, it was basically a no brainer to join the burlesque show that was running. It wasn’t a new thing, but she was one of the youngest to be dancing at the time. She picked up tricks quickly and loved every moment of it, the thrill of preforming gave her a rush. She hasn’t wanted to leave the stage since, taking every girl that comes along under her wing and making sure they’re the best they can be.

Morrissey is OPEN

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Patrice “Reese” Andrews|| 17|| Contortionist|| Seventeen years|| FC: Taissa Farmiga


Patrice or Reese as she prefers to be called is known as the awkward little sister of Shane Andrews. The weird girl who’s a contortionist. Her brother, Shane, didn’t even preform and still sh but he he somehow lives in his shadow. It’s inescapable. Though she does appreciated everything he’s done for her, especially with the guilt eating her alive. They don’t have a mother because she was born; she killed her mother on the way out. Reese throws herself into contortion to try and push the memories and thoughts to the back of her mind. She’s close to her brother, not knowing what she would do without him. Reese’s life has never been ideal; she’s always carried such a weight on her shoulders because she feels responsible for her and her brother not having a mother that she’s never opened up enough to have friends. She doesn’t know much besides the cirque, she has no idea what the outside world is like and for the most part lives on her small cloud.



Patrice is OPEN

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Shane Andrews|| 19|| N/A|| Nineteen years|| FC: Hunter Parish


Shane had never been the typical guy; he was perfect at first sight. His hair, his face, his body, his personality. Everything about him screamed Abercrombie and Fitch model; he knew it to and used it to his advantages. But he was a completely different person behind closed doors. Most of the time he had was spent looking out for his little sister Reese; they didn’t have a family besides the people in the cirque. Their father was useless and their mother died during childbirth. It’s for that reason that Shane doesn’t preform, he throws himself into being the more responsible of the two and making sure Reese rehearses. When you meet him, he comes off as arrogant, egotistical and cocky but he’s not, it’s all about how he appears to other people, he doesn’t want people to see the real him.


Shane is OPEN 
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Alex Rolland|| 23|| Knife Thrower|| One Year|| FC: Evan Peters


Alex had never had the sane mind that most kids his age had; he found pleasure in people’s torture. It’d had always been that way and he was never quite sure why. Growing up had been tough for him, he’d constantly been called a psychopath and was getting teased because of it. Though that didn’t mean he didn’t fight back. When he’d hit sixteen he’d been tossed around to so many foster homes, it was hard for him to keep track anymore, no one wanted him. Not even his mother. One night when he was twenty two, he got into a fight with a drunken guy from his old high school who was talking shit about him being a foster kid. Pretty soon, the drunk guy was more than black out drunk and the blood dripping from his head didn’t mean he’d just cut himself. With the distant sound of sirens approaching, Alex fled the scene bumping into a man with long hair in the process who promised him that he’d be safe if he followed him. Of course Alex followed, he wasn’t willing to go to jail for manslaughter. He signed the contract.


Alex never did get caught and for that he was thankful, he quickly became accustomed to knife throwing. It was something he had a natural knack for, possibly from all the years of violence. He kept to himself most of the time, not wanting to disrupt anyone but there was one girl who seemed to constantly bother him no matter what and eventually he gave in. Lux Lumanati, deeming her the only one that was badass enough to hang out with.

Alex is OPEN

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Chris Parker|| 23|| Bateau|| Three years|| FC: Jackson Rathbone


Chris was the type of kid who came from the wrong side of the tracks. His life wasn’t the easiest. He had to work for what he wanted and nothing got given to him on a silver platter. He’d never had much luck with things; he wasn’t the most ‘sane’ of people. He was diagnosed with ADHD and schizophrenic tendencies when he was at age twelve, though it’s gotten better with time. One night his schizophrenia kicked into overload and nothing made sense to him. He was seeing things that weren’t there and it was screwing with him more than it usually did. He’d somehow wandered onto the main road and was about to get hit when a man stopped the traffic and promised him he could take Chris’s schizophrenia away if he followed. So he did, the contract was signed a day later when Chris calmed down.


Chris’s schizophrenia lessened almost instantly, which he didn’t think was possible. A year after training in bateau, which he was put into because they were lacking it was just luck he happened to love it. He met Ayla, a blonde girl who no one took notice of. The two quickly became best friends, he still can’t wrap his head around the fact that Ayla talks to him. Mostly because he thinks she’s every type of amazing and he couldn’t think less of himself but he revels in it while he can. He tends to drag her around, knowing that she likes to keep to herself and Chris being the opposite. He needs to be around people to function, the more people, the more the conversation changes and the less weird he feels for not being able to concentrate on a conversation for more than a few minutes. Though, he’s working on it.

Chris is OPEN

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