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Caitlyn Turner/Cotton|| 19|| Animal trainer|| Eight years|| FC: Jennifer Lawrence


Little Caitlyn Turner, even at the age of nineteen she’s still the girl that ran from her orphanage into the arms of one of the psychics. When Caitlyn was eleven, she escaped from the hell hole the town called an orphanage and ran until her little eleven year old frame was shaking from the cold. The girl had passed out in the middle of the street, not having anywhere to go. Luckily she was found lying underneath a park bench by one of the cirque’s psychics Elsa Turner. Elsa being the woman she was took Caitlyn back to the cirque, not having the heart to leave the girl there to freeze to death. Elsa had always wanted children. . It didn’t take long for The Boss Man to find out that his favorite psychic was hiding a small child in her trailer, he found out only a week from when Caitlyn arrived. He showed up at Elsa’s trailer with the intent of kicking the unwanted child out, but after a long discussion with Elsa he decided to let Caitlyn stay. Even the tough guys had a heart.


When Caitlyn joined the cirque at age eleven she was known as Caitlyn Cotton, her birth name but after a year she took Elsa’s last name after she was given the option. From then on she was known as Caitlyn Turner; Caitlyn Cotton was just a memory in the past. Caitlyn had never been an exceptionally talented girl when it came to things like gymnastics and circus arts, don’t even ask her to try and swallow swords or throw knives. It wouldn’t happen. But the animals seemed to take a shining to her almost instantly, she’d always loved animals. Caitlyn started working with the animals a month after she joined and by the age of 16 she’d been promoted to animal trainer.

Caitlyn is OPEN

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